Credit by Examination

There are three options for receiving credit by examination—College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and Advanced Standing examinations. Students are encouraged to take advantage of any of these as applicable.

NOTE: No examination can be used to satisfy any of the five core classes within the General Education Program, including GSTR 110, GSTR 210, GSTR 310, GSTR 332, and GSTR 410.

Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students may earn credit by examination from Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test scores. Students, including transfers, who have taken AP or CLEP examinations should have scores sent to Berea College (College Board Code 1060). Students will receive AP or CLEP credit, as follows or as approved by future College Faculty action.

NOTE: AP and CLEP credit is recorded as transfer credit and does not count in the GPA.

College Board AP Examinations

To receive AP credit, the student must have taken AP courses in high school and must sit for AP examinations at a high school or college, or at a college testing center location. Credit will be earned as follows:

  1. Automatic credit is given for a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the same basis as transfer credit from other colleges;
  2. No placement or credit is given for a score of 2 or below.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

By Faculty action, students will receive credit for CLEP scores at the level determined by the program. The action further provided that, if the program has not established a passing score, the student will receive credit if his or her score is at or above the mean for national private liberal-arts colleges.

  1. Credit is limited to introductory courses; exceptions must be approved by the appropriate Program Coordinator and the Registrar.
  2. Credit is granted at or above a score that correlates to a final course grade of “B,” unless additional program requirements have been established.
  3. No credit is granted for a subject in which the student is required to take a basic (non-credit) course.
  4. No credit is granted after college work has been attempted in the same subject area.

Berea College Advanced Standing Examination

Students may receive credit for most courses at Berea by obtaining an Advanced Standing Examination application form in the Student Service Center’s Self-Serve Room (101 Lincoln Hall) and arranging for the examination with the Program Coordinator. Upon the student’s request and the Program Coordinator’s approval, an instructor would write an examination. Course credit may be granted by Advanced Standing Examinations administered by the program. If awarded, the credit will be recorded on the student’s transcript under “Advanced Standing Examination,” with the course name. Students wishing to receive Advanced Standing credit for Art courses may submit a portfolio to help show evidence of skills and accomplishments. A student may not receive credit by Advanced Standing Examination in language courses numbered below the fourth level if the course is in the student’s first language. In addition, Advanced Standing Examinations are not given for any GSTR courses.