Judicial Records Retention and Information Disclosure

All hearing materials will be retained by the Judicial Liaison until the appeal deadline has passed or, if appealed, until a final decision is made by the appellate body or the President of the College. Thereafter, if the decision was “Not Responsible”, nothing will be retained in the student’s permanent record. If the student was found “Responsible” on the charges, only a copy of the incident report/s, the charge letter, and the Hearing Panel Decision Form will be retained in the student’s permanent record maintained by Student Life. Except as provided above, all other hearing materials, in whatever medium, will be destroyed.

Upon written request to the Assistant Vice President for Student Life or the Director of Residential Life and Collegium, the College will disclose to the alleged victim, in writing, the results of any judicial hearing that deals with acts of violence or non-forcible sex offenses.

Approved by the General Faculty Assembly, November 11, 2010