Labor Probation

The decision to place a student on Labor Probation is made by the Dean of Labor in consultation with the Labor Program Office and is based on a review of all related circumstances. Normally probation occurs when a student within a primary position has:

  1. Failed over a term to work a minimum of 10 hours a week.
  2. Fallen significantly behind in hours during a term and warnings and attempts at counseling have not been successful.
  3. Failed to meet the requirements of an accountability agreement.
  4. Scored 59 or below on a Labor Evaluation for a primary position—not meeting the expectations of the department. Students also may be placed on probation for cause (e.g., not meeting the needs of the labor department) during a term.

Students may also be placed on probation for cause (e.g., not meeting the needs of the labor department) during a term. Labor probation is centrally monitored and recorded, and has the potential to significantly impact on a student’s participation in College activities.  Students on probation:

  • will be denied participation in international travel experiences, internships, independent studies, College-sponsored summer off-campus internships, and off-campus short term exchange; a student who is found to be significantly deficient in meeting the required labor obligation at mid-term may be denied during the application process;
  • will not be eligible for a labor or course overload or leave of absence;
  • will not be permitted to hold level five or six labor positions, or certain unclassified labor positions (e.g., CAB Chair, Pinnacle Editor); incumbents who are placed on probation while serving may be released;
  • may be ineligible for consideration for some Labor Day awards, scholarship and service awards and membership in honorary societies (e.g., Mortar Board);
  • may be ineligible to apply for a residence hall staff position
  • may be denied permission for off-campus labor, local access to motor vehicles, and off-campus living.

Labor probation is typically for one regular term, but may be extended at the discretion of the Dean of Labor depending on the circumstances. 

Labor Probation—Immediate Suspension

The Dean of Labor, the Vice President for Labor and Student Life, or the Labor Program Council may elect to place a student on Labor Probation—Immediate Suspension. This “last chance” designation involves the development of an accountability agreement between the student and the Labor Program, violation of which results in immediate suspension by the Dean of Labor.

Suspension within a Term

Non-performance as a student worker can lead to suspension within a term. In cases where a student has been placed on labor probation and continues a pattern of non-performance, the Dean of Labor, the Vice President of Labor and Student Life, or the Labor Program Council may elect to develop an accountability agreement and place the student on Labor Probation- Immediate Suspension. Accountability agreements outline clear expectations that- if not met- are grounds for immediate suspension within the term by the Dean of Labor.

Labor suspension is a serious matter. It appears on the student’s academic transcript for the duration of the suspension, and results in a designation of “not in good standing” which often prevents admission to another institution. At the end of the suspension period, the language is removed from the transcript and the student is once again in good standing. While the student may apply for readmission to Berea College, it is not guaranteed