HHP 206 Intercollegiate Sports

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

Offered: Typically varies, depending on sport

Limit of one PED 206 credit for a particular sport. Minimum requirement of 75-percent participation and special knowledge evaluation. Coaches will use their discretion relative to credit for the course and students who are injured. Students must register for the course in the term in which the majority of the sport will be offered and will receive a grade only for that term. Students must register by specific section as follows:

206 A. Soccer - Men
206 B. Soccer - Women
206 C. Tennis - Women
206 D. Cross Country - Men and Women
206 E. Swimming - Men and Women
206 F. Volleyball - Women
206 G. Basketball - Women (see above note)
206 H. Basketball - Men (see above note)
206 I. Track and Field - Men
206 J. Track and Field - Women
206 K. Tennis - Men
206 L. Baseball
206 M. Golf
206 N. Softball - Women
1/4 Course Credit Each


1/4 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

PED 206