HHP 254 Principles of Coaching

Offered: Typically alternate years (next offered Fall 2013)

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the coaching profession. Emphasis is placed on sport at the high school and serious club levels. Consideration also is given to coaching at other levels, such as youth, recreational, interscholastic, and intercollegiate sport programs. The primary goal of the course is to develop and enhance students' knowledge and understanding of concepts and techniques of coaching and their application to achieving important objectives in working with athletes. The course and textbook combine sport science theory and research with the practical knowledge and methods of expert coaches in the five essential categories of coaching education and professional practice. Principles and practical applications are presented and thoroughly explained for each of these five important dimensions of coaching. NOTE: Noncredit for students who completed PED 286A in Spring 2008 or PED 286B in Spring 2010. (Course Fee: $10 for students who wish to re-take the coaching certification exam). 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

PED 254