HHP 280 Adapted Physical Education

Prerequisite: HLT 100 (Formerly PEH 100) or permission of instructor

Offered: Typically alt. Spring Terms (next offered Spring 2012)

This course will focus on developing knowledge of current concepts and practices in adapted physical education. Course topics will include assessment, planning, and implementation of physical education activities for people with unique needs and abilities. The topic of working with special-needs populations will be approached from a developmental perspective using a 'person-first' model. Students will be expected to acquire the skills necessary to understand typical and atypical motor performance, assess motor skills and fitness, evaluate performance, and create goals and objectives that can be implemented. Students will learn about the history of Adapted Physical Education and the current legislation in the field, as well as the legal framework for the Individual Education Program (IEP).


1 Course Credit

Cross Listed Courses

PED 280