Division I Chair: M. Saderholm


Program Chair: M. Kennison


Faculty: L. Abner, C. Kirby, C. Lamb, J. Ponder, L. Turner, and S. Vickous


Nursing Clinical Skills Laboratory Coordinator: J. Tolliver


Clinical Instructors: D. Madden, M. Fisher




Courses: NUR Courses


Major/Minor Requirements: Nursing B.S.


The purpose of the Nursing Program’s curriculum is to provide learning experiences that help the student to develop as a professional practitioner of nursing, as an individual, and as a citizen. The curriculum includes a broad liberal-arts foundation and those courses and activities that are fundamental to the formulation of concepts and principles applicable to professional nursing. This course of study fosters development of self-direction, sensitivity, creativity, and leadership. The student is assisted to learn to identify the health needs of people from an intercultural perspective, with emphasis on Southern Appalachia. The graduate is prepared to render entry-level professional nursing service and pursue individual development and graduate education in an area of special interest. The Nursing program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.


“In keeping with the learning goals articulated in Being and Becoming Berea College in the 21st Century and the Great Commitments of Berea College, the mission of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program is to prepare students with great promise and limited economic resources from Appalachia and beyond for professional nursing in a changing practice environment. The Program prepares students as leaders, lifelong learners and advocates for health, providing a strong foundation for graduate study in nursing.”

Program Goals:

1.To prepare graduates for professional nursing practice in a changing healthcare environment

2. To engage in community projects and health advocacy for Appalachia and beyond.

3. To prepare graduates for lifelong learning, graduate study and/or leadership positions in nursing.


In addition to supporting students' achievement of the Aims of General Education, the Nursing Program seeks to assist students in meeting the following learning goals and associated learning outcomes:

Learning Goal 1: Baccalaureate nursing graduates will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that prepare them for a long-term nursing career in ever-changing practice environments

Learning Outcome 1.1: Eighty-five percent of nursing students will achieve an HESI-RN Exit score greater than or equal to 900.

Learning Outcome 1.2: Ninety percent of students will successfully care for a group of patients.  That approximates a beginning practitioner’s workload.

Learning Outcome 1.3: Ninety percent of students will deliver compassionate patient-centered, evidence-based nursing care that respects patient and family-care practices.

Nursing Course Sequencing Table:

Please be aware that the table below represents current planning and is subject to change based on faculty availability and student interest.  It is not meant to represent any guarantee to the student that the courses will be offered in the term in which they are currently planned.

Course Fall 14 Spr 15 Fall 15 Spr 16 Fall 16 Spr 17
NUR 341 X   X   X  
NUR 342   X   X   X
NUR 350 X   X   X  
NUR 351 X   X   X  
NUR 352   X   X   X
NUR 353   X   X   X
NUR 354   X   X   X
NUR 355   X   X   X
NUR 447   X X   X  
NUR 448 X   X   X  
NUR 449 X     X   X
NUR 450   X   X   X