Student Health Services Admissions Requirements

New or transfer students must submit the medical history form, TB risk Assessment form and a copy of their immunization record prior to the beginning of their first term on campus.

Students matriculating at Berea College are required to have the following immunizations: DPT series with current Td or Tdap booster (within 10 years); polio series; meningococal after the age of 16; and two measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) injections after the first birthday. Immunization for hepatitis A & B, chicken pox and HPV, while not required, are highly recommended. 

Exceptions to this policy may be made for a documented allergy to substances in one or more of these vaccines or on the basis of a sincere and genuine religious belief prohibiting a particular immunization. Such a medical or religious waiver must have been applied for on the appropriate College form and granted by Student Health Services at the time of enrollment.