Transfer Student Enrollment Policies

Policies related to transfer student enrollment include:

  • One academic year on campus residence is required of all degree-seeking candidates, except for non-traditional students who live off campus.
  • Students completing a college-level composition course with a grade of B or higher may waive GSTR 110.  If GSTR 110 is waived, GSTR 210 must be taken in the first term of enrollment.  
  • Students requiring Developmental Math must maintain continuous enrollment until the Developmental Math sequence is completed.
  • Transfer students are subject to the eight-term limit with incoming transfer credit counting against the limit. Terms are charged using the following rule: the equivalent of 4 Berea credits is equal to one term.  For example, a student with 16 semester hours (4 Berea credits) will be charged one term and a student with 32 semester hours (8 Berea credits) will be charged 2 terms, etc.  For more information see Course Credit and Equivalent and to appeal for additional terms see Eight-Term Rule and Extension of Terms.