Credit by Examination

There are several options for receiving credit by examination—College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and A-Levels (Cambridge Exam). 

NOTE: No examination can be used to satisfy any of the five core classes within the General Education Program, including GSTR 110, GSTR 210, GSTR 310, GSTR 332, and GSTR 410.

College Board AP Examinations

To receive AP credit, the student must have taken AP courses in high school and must sit for AP examinations at a high school or college, or at a college testing center location. Academic credit is awarded for scores of 4 or higher. For information on equivalencies see below.  To receive credit, official AP scores must be received directly from the College Board--Berea College's Board Code is 1060.

Exam Min. Score Required # of Credits Equivalent Course Perspective
Art History 4 1 ARH 124 Survey of Western Art Art
Biology 4 1 BIO 100 Intro to Biology Natural Science Lab
Biology 5 0 BIO 110 Modern Biology will be waived None
Calculus AB 4 1 MAT 135 Calculus I Practical Reasoning Quantative
Calculus BC 4 1 MAT 225 Calculus II Practical Reasoning Quantative
Chemistry 4 1 CHM 101 Foundations of Chemistry Natural Science Lab
Chinese Language & Culture 4 1 CHI 101 Intro to Chinese I International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
Comparative Government & Politics 4 1 PSC 100X Comparative Government & Politics None
Computer Science A 4 1 CSC 100X Computer Science A None
Computer Science Principles 4 1 CSC 101X Computer Science Principles None
English Language & Composition 4 1 ENG 100X English Language & Composition None
English Literature & Composition 4 1 ENG 101X English Literature & Composition None
Environmental Science 4 1 SENS 100 Intro to Sustainability & Environmental Sci Practical Reasoning
European History 4 1 HIS 102X European History Western History
French Language & Culture 4 1 FRN 101 Intro to French Language & Culture I International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
German Language & Culture 4 1 GER 101 Intro to German I International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
Human Geography 4 1 GST 100X Human Geography None
Italian Language & Culture 4 1 GST 1XX Italian Language & Culture International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
Japanese Language & Culture 4 1 JPN 101 Intro to Japanese I International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
Latin 4 1 LAT 101 Intro to Latin I International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
Macroeconomics 4 1 ECO 101 Principles of Macroeconomics Social Science
Microeconomics 4 1 ECO 102 Principles of Microeconomics Social Science
Music Theory 4 1 MUS 100X Music Theory Art
Physics I: Algebra-Based 4 1 PHY 127 General Physics I with Algebra Natural Science Lab
Physics 2: Algebra-Based 4 1 PHY 128 General Physics II with Algebra None
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 4 1 PHY 100X Electricity & Magnetism None
Physics C: Mechanics 4 1 PHY 101X Mechanics None
Psychology 4 1 PSY 100 General Psychology Social Science
Spanish Language & Culture 4 1 SPN 101 Introduction to Spanish I International Perspective (Foreign Language option)
Spanish Literature & Culture 4 1 SPN 315 Introduction to Spanish Literature Art
Statistics 4 1 MAT 104 Introduction to Statistics Practical Reasoning Quantative
Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio 4 1 ART 103X Art 2-D Design Art
Studio Art: 3-D Design Portfolio 4 1 ART 102X Art 3-D Design Art
Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio 4 1 ART 115 Drawing Fundamentals Art
U.S. Government & Politics 4 1 PSC 110 American Government Social Science
U.S. History 4 1 HIS 100X U.S. History Western History
World History 4 1 HIS 101X World History International Perspective (Culture option Western course)

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

By Faculty action, students will receive credit for CLEP scores at the level determined by the program. The action further provided that, if the program has not established a passing score, the student will receive credit if his or her score is at or above the mean for national private liberal-arts colleges.

  1. Credit is limited to introductory courses; exceptions must be approved by the appropriate Program Chair and the Registrar.
  2. Credit is granted at or above a score that correlates to a final course grade of “B,” unless additional program requirements have been established.
  3. No credit is granted for a subject in which the student is required to take a basic (non-credit) course.
  4. No credit is granted after college work has been attempted in the same subject area.

International Baccalaureate

IB Credit is awarded for Higher Level (HL) exams with a score of 4 or higher.  Official scores must be submitted directly to Berea College by the IB program.

A-Level Exams

Berea College accepts Cambridge A-Level exams with a grade of C or higher.  Credit is determined by the Registrar's Office in consultation with the appropriate academic program.