BIO 113 Experimental Zoology

Prerequisite: BIO 110 with a grade of C or higher, or permission of instructor; a freshman-level course

This core course is designed to allow prospective majors to engage themselves actively in the practice of biology. Its primary objective will be to introduce prospective majors (second term of first year or first term of sophomore year) to methods of experimental design, analysis, scientific writing, and poster or oral presentations of results. Students will be exposed to experimental systems representing various areas of Zoology (e.g., physiology, ecology, development, parasitology, evolution, etc.). Lectures will be limited to providing adequate background information for each research system and analytical tools (i.e., statistics, graphing programs, primary literature) for analyzing data. Two class projects and one group investigative project will be required. Three class periods and one three-hour lab each week


1 Course Credit