Hour Contracts

During each academic term, students have the following hour expectation based on their contractual hours:

 Contract Total Hour Expectation 
 10 hour contract 160 total term hours
 12 hour contract 180 total term hours 
 15 hour contract 225 total term hours 

A Summer Assistance Grant is offered for students who meet the following requirements:

  1. The possible grant assistance is $250 for each four-week term or $500 for the eight week term.
  2. Students must contract and work for 20 hours per week during the term to qualify for the grant.  Only students who are contracted for 20 hours will be reviewed to see if they have met the requirements for labor.
    1. Students who are under the 80 hours for the four-week term or 160 hours for the eight weeks will not receive the grant.
    2. Students must not exceed 22 hours per week (average) during the terms to receive the grant (e.g., 4 weeks no more than 88 hours or 8 weeks no more than 176 hours). 
  3. Students must be registered and attending class for at least one credit during the four-week term or two credits during the eight-week term.
  4. If a student completes two four-week sessions, they can receive a total of $500 which equates to $250 for each four-week term.
  5. The maximum Assistance Grant that a student can receive is $500.
  6. The grant will be applied to the student's account upon completion of the appropriate payrolls and determination made confirming the labor and academic requirements have been fulfilled.
  7. By the end of each term, a student must pay down their account to the amount of the grant for which they are applying.
  8. If a student doesn't fulfill the requirements to receive the grant, then their student account must be paid by August 10.
  9. If a student doesn't receive the grant, they may apply for a loan through the Student Financial Aid Services Office (SFAS) which will determine if there is eligibility for a loan.  Applications for a loan must be filed with SFAS by August 1.