(A) Violence

The following actions are unacceptable and thereby Berea College prohibits students to engage in such conduct on campus, or on College property, or while participating in any officially sanctioned or supported activity on behalf of the College:

  1. Violence of any kind perpetrated on another person, including rape, such as various sorts of physical assaults or interference with others' legitimate movements;
  2. Possession or use of weapons, firearms, or explosives.*

These prohibited acts are punishable by suspension or expulsion; in cases involving weapons or other circumstances that constitute an emergency, special judicial procedures apply. Cases deemed by the President or designee to be of an emergency nature will be referred to the Student Life Council for immediate action. In an emergency situation, the Vice President for Labor and Student Life may take disciplinary action pending completion of judgment by the Student Life Council.

*Except under relevant provisions of Kentucky Revised Statute 527.020(8)