(B) Offenses Against Persons

The following actions are unacceptable and thereby Berea College prohibits students to engage in such conduct on campus, or on College property, or while participating in any officially sanctioned or supported activity on behalf of the College:

  1. Any acts or course of actions aimed at specific persons in order to disgrace, threaten, intimidate, restrain, or injure them, whether the harassment be physical, verbal, or visual, whatever the medium used (such as electronic, telephonic, mail, etc.), and whatever the reason for the harassment (such as race, religion sexual orientation). (See Harassment.)
  2. Unwelcomed behaviors of a sexual nature and any acts or course of actions that constitute sexual harassment, including rape and sexual assault and inappropriate and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature. (See Sexual Harassment.)

These prohibited acts are punishable by a range of sanctions, from mediation to suspension or expulsion, depending on the nature of the harassment. Special reporting, adjudicative, and disciplinary procedures may apply, as specified in the College’s policies on harassment and sexual harassment.