Student Review of Records

A. Access to Records

Upon written request, a student may inspect and review those educational records maintained by the College for that student. Upon receipt of a written request, the office holding the requested records must make them available to the student within 30 days. Typically, student records must be reviewed in the office housing that set of records. Students may make a written request for copies of Berea-only materials contained in their files. At this time, there is no charge for copying these records.

Under the law, a student has the right to challenge any information contained in the record that the student believes is inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of one’s privacy or other rights. Provision is made under the law for a hearing should the matter not be resolved between the student and the person responsible for the file in question. Request forms for such a hearing and information about the procedures to be followed are available from the Student Service Center. Under the law, such a hearing may not be convened to contest grades. (See Appeals of Grades.)

B. Exclusions

Students may see all recommendations (references) written on their behalf except for recommendations to which the student has waived the right of access. At the time the student applies for admission, financial aid, placement services, or for any other service requiring recommendations, the student will be given the opportunity to waive the right to see the completed recommendation. The College may not require the student to waive this right. Whether a student has waived the right to access, the student may request a list of names of all persons who have written references contained in that student’s file.

Students may not have access to financial records of their parents or to any information therein unless there is a signed release.

Records of College counselors and Student Health Services are confidential and may not be reviewed personally by the student, although the student may request in writing that another appropriate professional person of the student’s choice review these records. Any cost of such a review is the responsibility of the student.