Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

The purpose of this policy is to confine smoking and the use of tobacco and certain nicotine products to designated areas to protect the health of our students, employees, and visitors. This policy applies to:

  • smoking (tobacco or tobacco-free products, that might be smoked via cigarettes, pipes, water pipes, and hookahs)
  • smokeless tobacco (including snuff, snus, and chew)
  • vaping or other use of unregulated nicotine products (such as electronic cigarettes)

Smoking and other forms of tobacco use are not only a hazard to smokers or users, they are also a health risk to others. While Berea continues to welcome both smokers and nonsmokers as students and staff, smoking and the use of tobacco and certain nicotine-related products is strictly limited to designated areas.

  • Smoking is prohibited in College buildings, vehicles, walkways, grounds, the farm and forest, and all other areas not specifically designated as smoking areas.
  • Where smoking is allowed, students and employees are required to use the provided receptacles to guard against fire and maintain good housekeeping. Smoking is permitted in gazebos that are adjacent to the following buildings:
Fairchild Hall

Hutchins Library (near the Draper side)

James, Seabury, and Kettering residence halls

Kentucky and Talcott residence halls

Phelps Stokes Chapel

Science Building

Seabury Center

Anyone observing a person smoking in a prohibited area should politely inform the offender that the area is a nonsmoking area and inform him or her of the location of the nearest designated smoking area.

  • Students and employees who desire to quit smoking may obtain information on smoking cessation programs from the Wellness Director.
  • Information concerning the hazards associated with smoking and other tobacco use can be found at:

Revised: 4/13/2015