Workplace Expectations

The Workplace Expectations translate the mission of Berea College into seven guiding standards for the Berea College workplace. Inspired by the Being and Becoming strategic planning process, the Workplace Expectations define how Berea’s workforce should go about its business. By incorporating these expectations into their daily work, every Berea College worker brings the Great Commitments to life over campus and helps create a workplace today that connects with Berea’s proud historical legacy.

As a continuous learning environment built upon Berea’s Great Commitments and Common Learning Goals, Berea College expects all workers “to be active learners, workers and servers,” and seeks to be a place where the Christian values of human compassion, dignity, and equity are expressed and lived.

Therefore, workers are expected to:

  • Exhibit enthusiasm for learning
  • Act with integrity and caring
  • Value all people
  • Work as a team
  • Serve others
  • Encourage plain and sustainable living
  • Celebrate work well done