The following ranks are established for the faculty: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, and lecturer. The first four ranks apply to persons with full-time responsibilities; the minimum qualifications for each of these ranks are specified below. Persons with part-time appointments who are not affiliated with another college hold the rank of lecturer. Persons teaching temporarily at Berea, who hold academic rank elsewhere, or who have distinguished careers outside higher education, are appointed to adjunct status at the appropriate professorial rank.

Instructor Hiring at this rank requires at least the master’s degree. In most fields appointment at this level is made with the expectation that additional graduate work in one’s field will be pursued. Promotion must be earned within five years if membership on the faculty is to continue.

Assistant Professor For hiring at or promotion to this rank, the standard in most fields is the earned doctorate or appropriate terminal degree. For faculty in librarianship, the appropriate master’s degree and three years of professional experience are minimum qualifications for the rank. Minimum qualifications for faculty teaching business subjects are the master’s degree, suitable professional certification, and three years of related experience.

Associate Professor Hiring at this rank requires the doctorate or a terminal degree as specified below, evidence of scholarly or creative ability, superior performance of one’s professional responsibilities, and usually a minimum of six years of full-time experience at the Assistant Professor level. For faculty in theatre, visual arts, and dance, the M.F.A. is the terminal degree. For librarians, the M.L.S. and one year of additional study in librarianship or a related field are required. For faculty in business, the suitable master’s degree, appropriate professional certification, and one additional year of graduate study are required. For Nursing faculty, please see Appointment, Promotion or Tenure for Nursing Faculty.

The standards for promotion to this rank are the same as those specified for tenure (see Tenure Review Standards), and the granting of tenure carries with it promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.

Professor Hiring at this rank requires the doctorate or other acceptable terminal degree, superior performance of one’s professional responsibilities, and normally seven years as an associate professor.

Promotion to this rank requires evidence of continuing excellence in teaching, a continuing record of peer-reviewed scholarly/creative achievement and professional growth, sustained success in mentoring students, and meaningful service to the College. Eligibility normally requires at least seven years as an Associate Professor.

The above statements describe the usual expectations for appointment at each rank, but exceptions may be made when circumstances justify. Particularly in professional and technical fields, in which formal study may be less important than unique experience and demonstrated competence, the requirement for a particular advanced degree may be waived. In these cases, the special qualifications of the faculty member must be fully documented.