Labor Supervisor

The Labor Supervisor is the practical instructor within Berea’s labor program, a comprehensive work-learning-service program that is federally recognized under the work college legislation*. The labor supervisor utilizes the learning outcomes derived through the department work assignments to educate the student in regard to both soft skills (teamwork, initiative, attendance…) and specific position skills. The supervisor is also responsible for the certification of the time the student has worked and a mid-point and final evaluation of the student’s performance during the assignment. The supervisor utilizes the labor learning goals, workplace expectations, and the seven performance expectations (attendance, accountability, teamwork, initiative, respect, learning, and position specific requirements) in evaluating the student work performance. The final evaluation score is uploaded to the Labor Transcript.

* Federal legislation defines a Work College as a special type of degree-granting institution where a “comprehensive work-learning-service program” is “an integral and stated part of the institution’s educational philosophy and program”, a “valuable educational approach” and an “integral part of the institution’s educational program and part of a financial aid plan that decreases reliance on grants and loans and encourages students to participate in community service activities”. Berea is one of the seven federally recognized work colleges.