Course Substitutions for Creative Writing minors — Students majoring in English who also satisfactorily complete requirements for the minor in Creative Writing can substitute their five (5) Creative Writing courses (ENG 124; 3 x ENG 282; ENG 382) for three (3) ENG major requirements: one (1) section of ENG 200 (A or B); one (1) 200-level Category course; and the “one (1) additional ENG course credit” of the required distribution courses.

Required Major Portfolio — The Major Portfolio of course work and study reflects the student’s progress through the course categories, as well as with written and oral communication. The Portfolio is a place for collection of the best and most important work throughout the major. This portfolio should be maintained throughout the major and evaluated regularly by the student's Academic Advisor and/or other Program faculty. Final compilation and submission of the Portfolio occurs in ENG 485, the Senior Seminar.

Exploring the Major— Students interested in this major are encouraged to take ENG 110, ENG 270, or a 200-level Category course during their first year.

Admission to the Major— For admission to the English major, applicants must have: 1) satisfactorily completed two ENG courses; 2) an earned minimum GPA of 2.0; and 3) an earned combined minimum GPA of 2.3 in ENG courses, GSTR 110 (unless waived), and GSTR 210.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms) -- ENG 270 and at least one other ENG course should be taken no later than the end of the sophomore year. ENG 485 must be taken during the senior year, if possible immediately following ENG 480.