AFR 100 Models & Mentors for Success

This college readiness course seeks to prepare African American male first-year students for the long-term intellectual and social rigors of academic life at an Appalachian liberal arts institution, Berea College. Students will learn strategies for achieving academic success. Using the interdisciplinary lens of African/African American Studies as a guide, students will develop study skills, self-advocacy, and foster habits of wellness and communal well-being. Students will also explore broader themes of finding campus fit, identity and belonging, and developing a network of educational resources. This two-prong approach is designed to help students negotiate day-to-day challenges at a predominately White institution, and also to affirm students’ inner self-worth and sense of belonging in the world at large. Course content will be delivered through lecture, reflection, group discussion, formal self-assessment, action planning, and interaction with guest models and mentors across campus. Noncredit for students who completed it as AFR 186.


1 Course Credit