EDS 324 Methds I Teach. Middle Grades

Prerequisite: EDS 228

This course is designed to engage students in the process of constructing knowledge, gaining skills, and participating in experiences that will help them develop curricula and create effective learning environments for students in middle and grades (5 -9). The major areas of focus of this course are the nature of the teaching/learning process, planning for instruction, the effects of a developmentally diverse student population, strategies for collaboration and planning an integrated curriculum, balancing multiple modes of instruction, using resources and tools (such as technology) to enhance instruction, as well as creating and managing dynamic learning environments in which all students learn. Students will become familiar with and demonstrate evidence of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for effective beginning teaching. During the field placement with a local teacher, students begin developing and practicing basic skills necessary to teach in their content specialization area.


1 Course Credit