EDS 480 Stdts with Special Needs - Sec

Prerequisite: EDS 325

This course prepares prospective teachers to make the instructional and organizational modifications necessary so that students with vastly different academic, physical, emotional, and social needs can learn in the regular secondary-school classroom. The focus is on youngsters with a variety of special needs, such as physical and learning exceptionalities (including the gifted); bilingualism; lack of readiness for learning; and violent behaviors. Working with the students in the classrooms where they are completing their teaching practicum, prospective teachers will address the special classroom-management requirements and the special instructional needs arising with special-needs youngsters. Students also will explore related issues, including the need to develop skills in counseling and conflict resolution and understanding the nature of family involvement and the particular policies and procedures schools follow. This course is taken as part of the pre-professional block in the Teacher Education Program, which includes a partial-day practicum in local schools.


1 Course Credit