HHP 206U Christmas Country Dance School

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

Offered: Every year from December 26-31. Counts towards credit in the fall semester.

Christmas Country Dance School was founded in the 1930s for the purpose of training teachers, social workers, community leaders, and community members in healthful activities to encourage lifetime wellness. Each day, participants attend 4-5 periods of classes, as well as morning song, evening dances, and "parlor," which includes performances and sharing among participants and staff. There are a wide variety of dance courses offered each year, such as English country dance, contra dance, waltz, square dance, Kentucky set running, morris, Appalachian clogging, learning to call dances, and sometimes Scandinavian or Bollywood. Other courses include singing, basketry, recorder, or playing in a dance band. This course may be taken for no credit. Minimum requirement of 75-percent participation in activity classes and performance or presentation required for PED credit. 1/4 credit.  


1/4 Course Credit