MUS 114S Sexuality and Music

"This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the relationship between sexuality and music, and the expression of human sexuality in musical aesthetics throughout the centuries. Students will examine the different philosophical approaches to sexuality and the various representations of sexuality in music from the middle ages, to the XXI century, in both classical and popular music idioms. Students will be able to identify through semiotic analysis the meaning and referentiality of these musical expressions of sexuality, and how these expressions are incorporated into the culture. Finally, we will identify differences between historical periods, as well as multicultural approaches to sexuality and their expression in music. The course will focus on ‘how’ music and sexuality function within a culture, and the relationship between music, gender, and sexuality.

The list of topics is not comprehensive. It is not intended to exclude any particular sexual expression. If an expression is not represented, it is not by intentionality, but limited by the scope and time constraints of the course. Students are encouraged, and have the opportunity, to develop a research project that may address such needs. "


1 Course Credit