MUS 400 Senior Seminar

Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of instructor

Senior Seminar is designed to be the capstone experience of the Music Program's core curriculum. As such, the seminar will focus on the research, study, practice, and implementation of the senior Music major's final project, which will consist of a final paper, and a performance or other public presentation. The seminar will function as a laboratory for students to present ideas and receive feedback as they work collaboratively and individually in completing their projects. As a culmination and integration of training and learning and as preparation for their professional future, this seminar provides an important support structure and learning community for Music majors. Course will meet once per week. NOTE: Required of all General Music majors, and part of an optional course sequence for Music Education majors. Students in General Music may take MUS 400 (1/2 credit) and MUA 400 (1/2 credit) to fulfill the Senior Seminar requirement if they do a recital and pass a recital preview. Other General Music majors will take MUS 400 as a one-credit course. Music Education majors may choose to take the course as 1/2 or full credit, in consultation with their Academic Advisor.


1/2 to 1 Course Credit