Health Studies Minor

A health studies minor provides students who are pursuing a liberal arts education the opportunity to engage in a process of understanding how the health and wellness of individuals can support their capacity to succeed in any chosen field. A health studies minor can complement knowledge attained from major courses.

Degree Requirements

The minor in Health Studies requires a minimum of five (5) course credits, as follows:

Required Core Courses

The following two core courses:

HLT 200Foundations of Health Studies

1 Course Credit

HLT 227/PSY 227Health Psychology (PSY)

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Courses

Two (2) course credits chosen from the following:

CFS 221Fundamentals of Nutrition

1 Course Credit

HLT 111/WGS 111Human Sexuality (WGS)

1 Course Credit

HLT 210/APS 210Health in Appalachia (APS)

1 Course Credit

HLT 224Addiction & Violence/Fam

1 Course Credit

HLT 236/WGS 236Women and Health (WGS)

1 Course Credit

HLT 300HLT Program Planning & Eval

1 Course Credit

SOC 200Sociology of Health

1 Course Credit

Required additional HLT Course

One (1) additional course from the list above, HLT 395 Health Internship, or health-related course approved by HLT faculty.


Admission to the Minor— An interview with members of the Health faculty in the Department, as well as a departmental recommendation, are required for admission to the Health minor.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Minor— A grade of C (2.0 GPA) or higher in each required Health Studies minor course is required for continuation in the minor. Students not receiving a grade of C or higher may repeat that particular course to raise the grade while remaining in the minor program. In addition to the course GPA requirement above, certification in First Aid/CPR must be completed by the first term of the Senior year. May be met by taking HLT 109Comprehensive First Aid, HLT 202 American Red Cross Instructor, HHP 310: Adv. Swimming and Lifeguard Training, or a community course approved by the student's academic advisor.