Departments that want to Change Divisions

Academic departments that believe switching divisions will benefit faculty, staff, and students may propose divisional realignment by following the steps below:

  1. The chair of the department wishing to change divisions will convene a meeting of the full department plus the chairs of the current and proposed divisions to discuss informally the reasons the department is requesting the change.
  2. The chairs of the current and proposed divisions will lead a preliminary discussion of the proposed change at a meeting of the Division Council.  The Division Council will formulate a list of questions and issues that should be addressed by the department in a formal proposal.
  3. Following the preliminary discussion of the request in step #2, the Division Council will invite the department to submit a formal written proposal that (1) articulates a rationale for the change, including the anticipated benefits of realignment for students, departmental faculty, and the new division, and (2) addresses the questions and issues raised by the Division Council. 
  4. The formal proposal should be forwarded to the Division Council by the Department Chair.
  5. After discussing the formal proposal, the Division Council will forward it as submitted, or with modifications, to the Academic Program Council for consideration of any consequences of the change for the academic program.
  6. After APC feedback has been received and discussed by the Division Council, the proposal will be (1) declined, or (2) returned to the department for modification, or (3) sent to the Executive Council with the recommendation that the proposal be placed before the College Faculty Assembly for a vote.