Divisional Organization and Faculty Leadership

Academic divisions exist as communities of faculty committed to cultures of collegiality, consultation, and collaboration that put student learning at the center and foster innovation and flexibility in programs, pedagogy, curricula, and other structures supportive of student learning and faculty scholarship. Faculty leadership in academic divisions seeks to support healthy, responsible faculty cultures through sound practices, such as delegation and distribution of responsibilities, reliance on teams and teamwork, consultation and consensus in making decisions, leadership development and mentoring of colleagues. Cultivating and sustaining such a culture for faculty work and student learning is the responsibility of all, not only of Division Chairs.

The faculty is organized into six academic divisions. The divisions are organized to enhance opportunities for collaboration in curricular, co-curricular, and assessment areas. Each academic division houses multiple academic departments and is primarily concerned with the education of students.

The professional library staff constitute a College department, and its functions, responsibilities, and leadership arrangements differ from the academic departments and divisions. The Library staff is headed by the Director of Library Services.