Probationary Appointments

All probationary appointments are made in consultation with the Department Chair and only with the unanimous agreement of the Division Chair (representing the division), the Department Chair, the Dean of Faculty, and the Provost. Such appointments are confirmed by written contracts that specify the terms and conditions.

The contractual pay period for full-time faculty is usually for the period of one year, beginning August 1 and ending July 31. Except for librarians, the teaching and scheduled responsibilities are performed during the nine months of the academic year (August 15th-May 15th), unless other arrangements are made on an individual basis. For full-time continuing faculty, salary letters are ordinarily issued in early June, approximately three months before the beginning of the contract period.

When the appointment of a probationary faculty member is not to be renewed, the faculty member is notified in writing by the Dean of Faculty. For persons in the first year of full-time appointment at Berea, notification is given no later than March 1; for those in the second year no later than December 15. Those who have taught full-time for two or more years at Berea receive notification at least twelve months before employment is to end. The letter of notification does not routinely state the reasons for non-renewal, but the faculty member may seek an explanation from the Dean of Faculty. Following that consultation the individual may ask for and receive an explanation in writing.