Reviews of Full or Part-time Faculty with Continuing Non-Tenure Track Appointments

Full or part-time faculty who receive continuing non-tenure track appointments are to be reviewed on a regular schedule. The schedule for such reviews will be arranged according to the following guidelines:

  • Faculty in their first appointment should be reviewed in their second year.
  • At a minimum, faculty in all appointments should be reviewed in the year before their appointment ends, and
  • The specific review details of a faculty member in a full or part-time continuing non-tenure track appointment should be described in their appointment letter.

This review is intended to provide information useful for the individual’s professional growth as well as to Division Chairs, the Dean of Faculty, and the Associate Provost when possible reappointment is considered. A summary of each review will be available to appropriate Division Chairs, Department Chairs, the Associate Provost, and the Dean of Faculty.

These reviews will be conducted by the appropriate Division Chair (or Associate Provost for those without divisional appointments). The review procedures are shaped by these requirements: (1) the criteria for review will be defined in the faculty member's appointment letter, at a minimum teaching quality and possibly also including scholarship, mentoring and service; (2) the review does not require participation from the Faculty Status Council, the Dean of Faculty, or the Board of Trustees; (3) the Division Chair’s letter must at a minimum include an evaluation based on teaching quality (along with scholarship, mentoring and/or service if those criteria are included in the appointment letter), as well as a recommendation to reappoint or not, should such an opportunity arise; and (4) the Division Chair discusses with the individual the conclusions reached in the review. The key points of the discussion are then confirmed by letter to the candidate with a copy submitted to the Dean of Faculty for inclusion in the reviewed individual’s personnel file.

Annually, the Office of Academic Affairs will share the list of faculty requiring review with each Division Chair and the Associate Provost.  The appropriate Division Chair or the Associate Provost will schedule reviews as required.