Employment Outside the College

Full-time faculty appointments at Berea involve full-time responsibilities. Most people find that meeting College obligations leaves little time or energy during the academic year for part-time employment elsewhere. For that reason acceptance of paid consultantships, teaching appointments or other assignments outside the College is not encouraged, though such activity is not prohibited altogether. If the external assignment is an opportunity for genuine service and/or professional growth, is limited in scope and duration, and will not interfere with fulfillment of all one’s College duties, it may be an appropriate use of one’s knowledge and skills. As a general rule such outside commitments should require no more than two days, or the equivalent in partial days, per month. With the exception of an occasional public address or workshop, external assignments for pay may not be accepted during the academic year without the prior approval of the Dean of Faculty; undertaking such activity without approval is considered a breach of contract. This policy applies only to the academic year, not the summer months when most faculty are free of specified duties. Since the summer provides the best opportunity for study, research, course revision, and other creative work, it is expected that most faculty will want to spend their time in those pursuits whenever possible.